God has a plan for every student who comes to university in Cardiff, so at Woody we’re committed to serving the students of this city and helping them discover what God’s plan for their life is. We want to see Christian students thrive at university, not simply survive. We aim to ensure that students continually have opportunities to deepen their relationship with God, form great friendships throughout the church, and feel equipped to share their faith with others.

Deeper relationship with God

Through Sunday morning services and our monthly student & young adult service (Xodus) you’ll get a good dose of thought-provoking, challenging teaching, as well as contemporary and engaging times of worship.

Connecting with each other

Our student cell groups provide opportunities to form great friendships with other students from Woody. We get stuck into some really interesting Bible studies together, share in times of worship with one another, pray for each other, and that’s often in and amongst plenty of good food and games. It’s through cells that we really see students connecting with God and each other on a higher level.

Sharing your story

Your life is a story that is being shaped every day by the experiences you have and the decision you make. When God is involved in these experiences and decisions, then life gets very exciting! We want to help students become comfortable with sharing their story with those who don’t yet know Jesus, and to see that become a part of normal, everyday life. The main way we do this as a church is through our Red Frogs ministry, which involves a variety of things, including serving clubbers at the Students’ Union on Saturday nights with water and refreshments, as well as cooking for houses full of students. But we also place a significant emphasis on the importance of developing an awareness of the opportunities that arise during the everyday normalities of life, so we love it when we hear about students sharing the love of Jesus in the library over a study book, or in the kitchen whilst doing the dishes, or at the gym in between sets.

If you want to get involved with the student community at Woody, then contact our Student Team Leader, Josh Harding-Jones, by going to our Get Connected Page or via social media.


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